UAF Up to Old Tricks in Wales?

Can’t currently confirm this (as I don’t know anybody in wales), but if true it’s a) utterly fucking ridiculous and b) utterly fucking unsurprising.  From U75:

Despite (or rather because of) having nobody in Norf Wales (it’s a UAF/swappie free zone), they have linked up with the moribund and completely LP controlled trades council and called a demo in Wrexham a week after London. This is despite the fact that the far right have been very quiet for a long time now in the town, and is supposedly in response to EDL activity and a mosque burning in Deeside – I have questioned why the fuck they have chosen to have the demo in the wrong fucking town but to no avail.

They also haven’t bothered to liaise with us – the local (independent) anti-racist network, which has all sorts involved including a load of community groups etc and which subscribes to class-based anti-fascism – despite the fact that we actually have activists here and we have proper roots in the community. They have invited fucking Hain on to the platform. Their brand of anti-fascism will not do anything to help cohesion in this town and will only entrench the view amongst some that the left is no different to the political mainstream and doesn’t give a flying fuck about working class people. And, because alas most people are not familiar with the intricacies and different politics and approaches of the different groups, we will more than likely get lumped in with their brand of hectoring middle-class ‘nazi scum’ vote Labour bullshit. Fucks.

No point in this demo, it is pure gerrymandering on the part of UAF and the trades council, who want to pick up contacts and promote Labour in an election year respectively. With a dormant far right locally, all this will do is bring them out of the woodwork. So now we will have to mobilise, get our literature out putting forward ACTUAL FUCKING CLASS POLITICS and try to counteract the liberal popular front vote anybody but the BNP bollocks.


This is also the answer to the “why are you attacking other antifascist groups you SECTARIAN!!!” answer.  It’s because sometimes tactics aren’t just different or even just pointless.  They’re actively counterproductive.

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