Some People Want Shooting

A list of some of those most guilty for colluding with Gaddafi.

Fuck anybody who doesn’t fully condemn everyone on this list, from Blair to Chavez.

Although, to be clear, I disagree strongly with this comment in the article:

It pains me, but I am also willing to overlook the military sales various western powers (including the United States) made to the regime in order to get its help against terror.  In the world in which we actually live, as opposed to the beautiful utopia which so many clueless idealists imagine we inhabit, you sometimes have to deal with Beelzebub to keep Satan in check.  FDR and Winston Churchill helped Stalin survive World War Two at the cost of extending his genocidal tyranny and watching him condemn two generations of central and east Europeans to life behind the Iron Curtain.  Richard Nixon made a deal with the even more genocidal Mao Zedong and his late-phase psychotic Gang of Four associates to contain the Soviet Union and stabilize Asia as the US retreated from Vietnam.  Selling weapons to Gaddafi to enlist his help against Al-Qaeda wasn’t pretty and may not have been wise — but ugly is not a synonym for indefensible.

Better to be a “clueless idealist” than complicit in genocide.

h/t Rosie Bell

    • Jenny
    • March 16th, 2011

    The comments here about Chavez are kinda good:

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