And now for some light relief…

A selection of random tracks that are currently tearing up my playlist highway, as Smashie and Nicey might say.

Some subcultural feuding, with this merciless skewering of Chumbawamba.

Now incredibly unfashionable, but still incredibly bloody good.

Some dumbfuck liberals will tell you that you shouldn’t laugh at somebody’s death, no matter how repellent that person was.   They’re entirely wrong, as they so often are.  And this ‘obituary’ of the fat dead Nazi that was Ian Stuart proves it.

The best ‘not very new’ band around at the moment.  If you don’t love them, I could never love you.

Proper Brummie eccentrics.  As seen in “When Hippies Turn Bad” presented by Troy McClure.

That’s yer lot.  Actually, I always suspect that nobody apart from the blogger ever reads these music posts, let alone checks out the bands linked to.  So if you can state otherwise, let me know in the comments.

  1. I listened to ’em. Liked the Oi Polloi song, even though I thought it was a bit harsh, since Chumbawamba apparently put a lot of the money back into funding direct action groups. Been meaning to check out Carter USM for ages, thought that was pretty good but didn’t really need to be six minutes long. Also quite liked that Indelicates song, but can’t really say they blew me away on first listen. On the subject of Ian Stuart tributes, have you heard “Nazis shouldn’t drive” by MDC?

  2. Oi Polloi are much underrated as lyricists and humourists, but I think this isn;t one of their best, enjoyable though it might be. Here’s the lyrics:

    Have you noticed that Rock Stars always seem to lie so much?
    Chumbawamba once said they cared – but he never really gave a ****
    Ardent critics of big business – Dirty Fingers in Dirty Pies
    All the breweries fund the Tory Party – and now they gig for these breweries live

    Chumbawamba, Chumbawamba, Chumbawamba – You´re shiit
    Chumbawamba, Chumbawamba, Chumbawamba – You´re fücking shiit

    Why is it that Rock Stars always seem to lie so much?
    Danbert Nobacon once said he cared – but he never really gave a ****
    Slagged off the music business, they were never going to toe the line
    Now roadies carry the gear as they sit backstage sipping wine

    You must realise that Rock Stars always seem to lie so much
    Alice Nutter once said she cared – but he never really gave a ****
    Come on baby do the Revolution – the sickening stench of hipocrisy
    Just a puppet of the music business, turning rebellion into money

    (Pasted from elsewhere – not my prudish editing)

    I think it’s a bit harsh for the same reasons.

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