EDL and the Pretend Assasination Attempt

The EDL further their descent into Boy’s Own Fantasies in hilarious fashion.

These are some statements from the EDL (google them, I don’t want lots of stupid pretend hooligans talking about their bacon box masters on my blog).

It is with regret that I have to give you this expected news, but tonight we have seen the religion of peace in their full glory. One of the EDL leaders Kevin Carrol has been targeted by Muslim gangs in luton and has been shot at several times. Details are a little scetchy as armed police have the area contained at present. Kev and his family are safe I can confirm that much. More info to follow

Hi it’s Tommy Robinson, this is true a Muslim with a shot gun attempted to shoot keV they threw rocks at his window to draw him out of his house. He and his family are with armed police, I also have police guard at my house. They won’t stop us, we will continue. We will defend ourselves. Luton demo would still go ahead… even if one of us was killed! As always no surrender, not now not ever!

The hilarity increases.  They are claiming Pamela Geller as their main ‘proof this happened.  Because, y’know, she isn’t an obviously partisan EDL supporter and is well placed to comment on UK matters anyway.

But, strangely, Befordshire Police seem to have a different view than our English heroes.

At 10.42pm yesterday (Thursday 27th January), Bedfordshire Police were called to an address in Bolingbroke Road, Luton following a complaint from a man that something had been thrown against his window.

On going outside to investigate he saw a man, with what appeared to be a shotgun, making off. No shots were fired and no one was injured.

Let’s remind ourself of what the EDL said again.

One of the EDL leaders Kevin Carrol has been targeted by Muslim gangs in luton and has been shot at several times.

Simple mistake to make.  Throwing stuff at window, but no shots versus being shot at by Mooslim gangs.  We’ve all mixed those two up.

But wait!  The EDL have a failsafe explanation for this strange contradiction!

You people denying this story are fools, the police would have put a gagging order on the press for fear of a violent backlash from non muslims.

Wow!  I never thought of that!  Because the likes of the Daily Mail and the Star would never post an anti Muslim story.  I’m convinced.  I’m sorry for being mean EDL.  😦    And I’m even sorrier for the comment that will follow this quote:

After the events of last night I hope the people that werent going to Luton are changing their mind still a few seats left on the coaches from north west pickups still available at wirral, liverpool, carlisle, chester, holyhead, blackburn, bolton, burnley ,stockport, wythenshaw, warrington and could also pick up on services on the M6. £20 Luton and back

Nice marketing trick!  Are you using the services of Max Clifford?

h/t and more EDL lulz over at Exposingtweets.

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